Checkout Shortcodes

Use On Any LaunchFlows Checkout Page

Account Fields


Additional Fields


Always In Checkout (*only product is required)

[lf-always-in product="1234" icon="yes" title="yes" price="yes" shortdesc="yes"]

Billing Fields


Autoclick Checkout


Bump or Variable Product Display
(*only product is required.)

[lf-bump product="1234" image="yes" title="yes" price="yes" style="p-round" shortdesc="yes"]

Donation & Pay Now

[lf-donate product="1234" field="Donate Big!" button="Do It Now!!"]

Checkout Button (Hide) Display
*Note-Add a new button with ID of #lf-checkout-button to replace this function


Empty Cart Button Display


Login Display For WooCommerce


Notices Display For WooCommerce


Payment Fields


Review Order Fields


Shipping Fields


Thank You Fields


Coupon Fields


Upsell Product(*only product is required)

[lf-upsell product="1234" next="5678" accept="Yes, I Want It!" accept_tags="123,456" decline="No Thanks..." image="yes" title="yes" price="yes"]

Product Shortcodes

Use Only On Single Product Sale Or Checkout Pages

Product Breadcrumbs


Product Add To Cart Button & Quantity


Product Description


Product First Payment Date


Product Gallery


Product Meta (Category, Tags, etc.)


Product Related Products


Product Tabs (Reviews, Ratings, etc.)


Product Title